About Me

Wannabe hippy, part time vegan, avid writer, perpetual wanderer


Hi there! So I guess you want to know a little bit about the crazy girl writing this blog.

Let’s get the boring stuff out the way first. I’m a twenty two year old girl from the middle of England (despite what people say I still maintain that I am not from the North!)

Writing in Vienna

Writing in Vienna

So what is TheBritPacker?

This is my attempt to combine a lifelong love of writing and telling stories,  with a *soon to be * location independent lifestyle.

What’s with the weird name? Well I’m always on a budget so I backpack and stay in hostels, and I’m British! So voilà, ‘TheBritPacker’ was born.

Why do I travel?

I fell in love with travel years ago, but lost this love somewhere along the way of going to university and ‘real’ life getting in the way. Luckily I rediscovered this passion about a year ago, and also discovered people who made travel their life. This made me realise that maybe (with a lot of hard work) I could do the same.

Finishing uni my main thought was ‘what on earth am I supposed to do with this piece of paper (that I wasn’t even sure I’d ever really wanted) now?’ I worked a ‘proper’ job for a year, then set off travelling around Europe, which (cliche as it sounds) completely changed my life.

I’m currently back in England, saving up money and working on my master plan to become a digital nomad. 

Quick Facts

  • I have a degree in History and Law (which is apparently a boring weird combination).
  • I’m a feminist (duh).
  • I’m a ‘health freak’ – I love eating healthy and reducing the amount of sugar that I consume (which tends to scare people away…sorry in advance if this makes me sound like a pretentious douchebag).
  • I only drink red wine (that’s a lie, if red wine was the only thing I drank I think I’d have a problem. I mean out of all the wines and out of most of the alcoholic beverages).
I sometimes enjoy a tipple...or two.

I sometimes enjoy a tipple…or two. Wine is my life. 

  • I couldn’t live without music (my favourite artists of the moment are The 1975, Max Milner, Walking on Cars).
  • Sometimes I love to party, but sometimes I love my bed more.
  • I don’t watch T.V because I get bored too easily,  but I do watch some shows on Netflix (some of my favourites are, Sherlock, OITNB, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!)
  • I speak and understand basic Spanish, and I’m working on my German.
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to dark chocolate (like really dark, I’m talking 99%)
  • I had a hat and scarf stolen from me in a hostel dorm in Amsterdam, even though my phone was out on the bed at the time too…
  • I lost the scarf pictured above in Bratislava after one too many wines anyone seeing a pattern here?
Sometimes I like to pose oh-so-casually for pictures. Most of the time I just pull strange faces. It's like a reflex.

Sometimes I like to pose oh-so-casually for pictures. Most of the time I just pull strange faces. It’s like a reflex.

That’s me, so after cautiously dipping my feet into the shallow end (metaphorically speaking) i’m ready to take the plunge and see if I can make travel my life.

Watch this space.