Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes in Southern England

So after moving to Berlin two weeks ago amazing vegan food is definitely not hard to come by. (Is it wrong to admit this may have been my main motivation for deciding to settle in this city for a few months?)

But I’ve been wanting to write this post for sometime now, honouring the delicious vegan places which are available in my homeland of England, and particularly the part of England where I spent four years of my life – the beautiful south.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Whilst I do think England is somewhat behind on the vegan movement, especially compared to Germany, there are some great places, they just require a little bit of searching is all.

Here is my list of the top five places, chosen for a mixture of atmosphere, food, and price.

So if you’re going to be in this part of England anytime soon, definitely check them out.

  • Fortify, Maidstone (Kent)

When I lived in this part of England I pretty much became a regular here. I first visited when it was not fully vegan, but they during my time here they changed to a fully vegan menu, and became popular than ever. Lovely staff, delicious creative food, and the best coffee in Kent (in my opinion). Their toasted sandwiches are delicious, as are there amazing cakes and sweet dishes. They also sell vegan cheese! It really is a vegan’s paradise, with a homely feel.

  • Infinity Foods Kitchen, Brighton (and shop)

Brighton is the vegan capital of England. I may have just made that up – but if not it should be.  With such an amazing vegan and vegetarian food scene it’s hard to narrow it down, and I’d really love to go back some day and spend more time in this city. The only problem is it’s a little pricey. Infinity Foods is a must visit though, and they actually have two venues. One is a huge health food shop where you can find anything you’ve ever dreamed of! Definitely grab a slice of their vegan pizza to takeaway. The other location is a cafe serving coffee, sweet treats, and hot dishes.

Glorious Brighton

Glorious Brighton

  • Cafe Cinnamon, Falmouth (Cornwall)

I think this was the first veggie cafe in Falmouth, and it’s retained it’s traditional homely feel. The perfect place to come if you want some homemade comfort food, for a reasonable price. The owner’s are constantly changing and updating the menu, meaning you could go every week and try something new. They serve delicious coffee and cold drinks too. It’s best to come here in the summer because the inside is rather small, but they have some nice outdoor seating in a bright cobbled courtyard.

Just up go this hill and you'll find the cafe on your left

Just up go this hill and you’ll find the cafe on your left, along with some pretty stunning views. As per in Cornwall.

  • Good Vibes Cafe, Falmouth (Cornwall)

This cafe isn’t officially vegan or vegetarian but they serve delicious options for both diets. They have a friendly welcoming vibe, and the people who work here are so nice! The fresh leaf tea is amazing, and the sandwiches are incredible. I think they are constantly changing their menu, so it’s best to just go and see what they have on the day. Everything comes beautifully served and you can tell they are really passionate about what they do. Even better is the location of this place, it’s located just off Falmouth Moor.

So beautiful, so hipster.

So beautiful…so hipster. Wish I’d managed to take a picture of my sandwich too but that thing was devoured within seconds. Sorry.

  • Wild Food Cafe, London

Possibly my favourite. I felt like such a child playing grown up the first time I came here. It was also my first time eating alone in a restaurant / cafe and I felt like a fool. Ha! As if I’d care now. Now I boldly stride into any eatery, order and eat alone without even finding it strange. If I waited for a man to take me to such a delicious place I’d be waiting a long time, I’d probably be eighty, and even then I think I’d have more chance of winning the lottery – which is pretty low because I don’t even play the lottery. 

Oh London. The city I love to hate.

Oh London. The city I love to hate.

Do you guys have any more to add to this list?


And once I’ve eaten my way around Berlin, I’ll be creating a Berlin list too.

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