My Upcoming Travel Plans for 2016

Right now I’m sat in my old childhood bedroom, freezing and exhausted from a long day at work followed by rushing out to the Apple store to desperately get my Macbook fixed (thankfully I think it’s fixed). Naturally I’m looking back through my travel pictures, and dreaming about far off places and cities I’ve yet to explore.

Spring in Lisbon, Portugal

Spring in Lisbon, Portugal

I’ve been back in England for almost three months after ten weeks of constant travel, and to put it bluntly it sucks! I’m so ready to leave again, but unfortunately to travel, or to do pretty much anything in this world, money is essential. So I did what any other self-respecting twenty-two year old uni graduate would do, and returned to my parent’s house, applied for all and any temp jobs, and then took the first one I got offered.

Now I’m saving (almost) every penny I get, and counting down the days until I get to take off on my next adventure. But what is my next adventure going to be? Well I have a plan, a vague one but still a plan nonetheless. It is going to begin, as all my travel plans do, in mainland Europe. I want to see more of Belgium, so I’ll probably be heading there first, then making my way to The Netherlands to see more of this country, then heading off to one of my favourite places – Germany! Namely the city of Cologne. For this part of my adventure I’ll be (in the famous words of Jason Derulo) Ridin’ solo.

Summer in Dresden, Germany.

Summer in Dresden, Germany.

Then once in Germany I’ll be meeting up with my amazing, long-suffering, travel buddy so the two of us can jet off to Eastern Europe. I can’t even express how excited I am to be on the road again. And most of all to finally explore more of Eastern Europe. I loved Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, but I cannot wait to immerse myself deeper into this part of the continent, especially after hearing such great things about the friendly people, beautiful landscape, and let’s be honest it doesn’t hurt that for someone coming from England the exchange rate is in my favour, making it a very affordable destination.

Along the riverbank in Prague

Along the riverbank in Prague, gazing off into the distance like a pro.

I  have such itchy feet, I have to stop myself from packing my bags every night.  I just miss the feel of my backpack strapped onto my shoulders, the excitement of waking up in a foreign city, and the adventure in seeking out the best place for a morning coffee.

Then in August/September I’m going to be walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain! Wow I never thought this time last year that I’d be saying that. Just in case you don’t know what this is (I hadn’t even heard of it until this past August), it’s a pilgrimage of sorts crossing through the north of Spain, and the ‘typical’ route takes about a month. I might be insane for wishing to do this, especially as someone who gets very bored walking in the countryside, but I’m actually so excited and not just because there’s plenty of red wine on hand during the Camino. Expect to see more posts about my preparation aka panicking in the months running up to this.

I’ll be off again soon though (and this time hopefully for good), and chronicling it all on this blog.  So stick around to follow my adventures (and no doubt misadventures!). In the next few weeks I’ll be booking flights, buses, and some hostels, and of course finding the best deals I can.

Happy Travels

Navigating Rainy Vienna

Navigating being very lost in Rainy Vienna.

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